The project cyberBridge develops a new cyber-physical bridge assessment system that will at low cost allow continuous online monitoring and system identification beyond modal analysis on the level of crack propagation and hence considerably improve prognosis of bridge deterioration. A software system was developed both as a product and as a service. Besides selling the system, continuous support and training, partial and complete bridge monitoring services and life cycle prognosis will be offered.

The goal is to radically improve bridge monitoring and forecasting. The main result is an innovative BIM based cyber-physical system for bridge assessment comprising continuous bridge and load monitoring, continuous vehicle load and bridge system identification for global and local crack propagation deterioration, and forecasting using mass simulation and probabilistic methods. It will be provided as a continuous monitoring platform with online evaluation. The automated use of HPC (Cloud/Grid) power allows for deep system identification at any time providing for much better understanding of the deterioration process and the impact of each deterioration event on the reliability of the bridge.